Memoir Of Love Storyline FAQs

The same questions keep being asked everywhere I go. So I'll try to make this short and sweet.

What is a Memoir Of Love?
A Memoir of Love is the first book in the Memoirs of Life series.

What is it about?
It chronicles the birth of a nation, and the day-to-day struggles of the Revolutionaries that make it happen, all through the eyes of a spunky woman named Love.

What is the context?
The context is roughly, post-apocalyptic. Much of the planet's population has been decimated by a couple recent Great Wars. The survivors have scattered and are now trying to rebuild their settler cells into nations again.

How is the story told?
In first person. By Love herself.

Is this a good read-aloud book?
No. It is very gritty, raw and personal at times. There are also mature themes and language.

Why would you add distasteful subjects to what would otherwise be considered a Christian book?
Because the body of Christ has avoided these issues for far too long. We should hold an immovable stance against sin, but we should also be realistically minded towards our own faults and humble enough to use our own mistakes to help others.

Is the text preachy? Does everyone "get saved" in the end?
No and no. Life is life, and sometimes it really sucks. Even non-believers can enjoy the story.

Are the beliefs expressed reflective of your beliefs?
It mildly touches on a couple. But I did not feel led to add doctrinal beliefs, so I haven't.

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