You know... the Lord works in mysterious ways... I'm not saying that because it's cliche, but because it's true. Take creative inspiration for example. I'm a full time wife and mother, so I don't have hours upon hours at my disposal to brainstorm for new story ideas. I rarely even have an hour together to sit and type. Usually most of my work is done tzav-la-tzav, kav-la-kav, z'eir sham, z'eir sham. Precept upon precept, line upon line and here a little, there a little. 
So... that said... I don't have time to think through an elaborate story-line, I just have to trust that whatever seemingly random pieces that the Spirit breathes into my head will work together somehow. It worked with a Memoir Of Love, I have faith that it will work with the others too.
Sometimes our Father likes to stretch us a little though.

You see, I have a deadline to finish a certain piece by the end of this week, and I got everything completed several days ago except one little part around the end.
"Aw... it'll come around..." I kept telling myself when I tried to finish it but couldn't for the THIRD time that day.
The Lord whispered to me that it would be a beautiful thing when it did come, I just had to wait for it.
So I put it down and just started praying about it. It's one of the most important parts of the book, I can't just come up with something to plug in there. It has to be inspired.
So I waited and prayed and waited and prayed and waited and prayed. Still nothing.
Yesterday I started getting nervous.
"Um... God... the deadline, remember?!"
Still.... nothing...
Then last night, in the middle of the night, I woke up with the answer running through my mind. Finally!
All this morning its been getting bigger, and more beautiful. Everything He promised it would be. I can't help but grin like an idiot every time I think about it. He is so faithful...
Then... after laboring all that time in prayer and thought over that one important part... Another piece in an entirely different book flowed into me while I was watching somebody relight our pilot light to our water heater. This piece was just as important to its book as the part I had just labored over for weeks in another.
Ahem... God has a sense of humor...
And to illustrate that point, I've had to get up at least a half dozen times to deal with my little boy just over the course of this short blog post... :)
Much Love!

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