Success! It's a word we expect to find inscribed in glitzy, gold letters over great achievements. For a music artist it's being picked up by some huge music label. For an author it's being featured in a popular review list. For me...
I'm just now discovering what it means for me...

glitzy gold letters

It's easy to get caught up in this social media world, isn't it? The like button is so prevalent we measure our impact by it. Everything is classifiable by stars. Three stars, four stars, five stars. The worth of something is continually judged by whatever everyone else thought of it. Or at least what media savvy people thought about it.

Real, nitty-gritty impact can't be determined by that though. A five star book review on Amazon is nice. It swells up my head a little. But that experience doesn't touch being taken aside by a dear friend and being told with tears about what my book's honesty has done for her, about how she's been helped through an indescribably difficult part of her life because of it. I wouldn't trade that little conversation and memory for five hundred e-book sales. A thousand casual "likes" can't touch that.
And you know... that person will probably never write a review for me. She will probably never be able to detach herself from the situation enough. She's not going to splash her personal difficulties all over the web, and I don't blame her. I wouldn't either.

Therefore... nobody but me and God may ever know what that dear soul thought of my book.
Last year, I wrote about my passion. I said that my main desire in life is to be a conduit for God. I want to help heal some of the hurt that sin has caused in this dying world.

It seems that this is happening.

So maybe success isn't written in glitzy, gold letters. Maybe it is reflected in the wonder in my children's eyes while we play with blocks and read a book together, maybe it is encapsulated in my dear friend's falling tears of thankfulness while she speaks to me. There are many ways to see it every day in my life, just like there are many ways to see it every day in your life if you're walking on the path you were made and called to be on.

So I encourage you to drop the bling-bling expectations today. Step back from the keyboard a little and look around at your real life. Where is success inscribed? It could simply be keeping your temper in a blow-up moment; getting down on your knees again, even if God is silent; or caring for a sick loved one.

What matters is if you are doing what you were created to do. That is the only thing that has true, nitty-gritty impact.... and no like button count.

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  1. I AGREE!!! Good thought!
    I feel the same way about the music I write - I would rather produce music for 3 people who are blessed by the music than 10,000 who purchase the cds only to have them stored in a cd cabinet. It is NOT about the MONEY -- so many folks judge things according to how the world runs things - NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS, "How many cds have you sold" "how many folks came to the concert" "how many downloads..." "how MANY..." I guess I do wonder sometimes "How many..." but my "how many..." is different... "How many tears..." "How many hearts..." "How many seeds..." -- those things only the Father can count. I concern myself with doing the work - and let Him deal with the outcome, may He be blessed, praised, and glorified forever more!!!