In Depth: A Memoir of Love

As an author, I get asked a lot, “What is your book about?”
This is always a tough question for me. My first responding thought is usually, “Which part of it?”
Three main threads run through A Memoir of Love. (MOL) An explanation is needed before we delve into those though.

A Memoir of Love, by Jessiqua Wittman

The theme that everything is based on is this: A Memoir of Love’s characters dwell in a future, post-apocalyptic version of our own world. Most of the population centers of the planet were destroyed after two Great Wars. The survivors of the decimation scattered and founded widespread “settler cells” instead of rebuilding their old nations.
The old settler generation is dying off in MOL’s specific colony, Marna. The former leaders are growing ancient. It’s time for the refugees to choose a new boss. The people have split apart into factions, and each has its own leader that they want to put in power.

The primary thread that strings off of that theme is the advent of Hazael. (He's the guy on the book cover)
Hazael BenHadad is the leader of the Revolutionary Hadadian clan. Reclusive, realistically minded, and bound to his fate, he’s not the boss because he wants to be, but because he has to be. He is the only man truly fit for the job, and he knows it. Confident and passionate in his political pursuits, but grouchy and insecure in his personal life, Hazy is an ordinary man trying to do extraordinary things. He needs help.

Maia, from A Memoir of Love

Part of that help comes in a strange package, a beautiful, over-sensitive gentlewoman. Maia can’t change Hazael, or answer all his hard questions about life, but she can encourage him in his journey, and maybe help him rethink his bitter, longstanding feud against his Maker.

Clare, from A Memoir of Love

Another thread that winds through this tale is Clare’s story.
Clare is damaged goods. A disturbed, runaway sex slave with no memory of her parents, her view of herself is skewed, and her true self-worth is utterly destroyed. She thought that running away from her master would solve all of her life issues. However, now she’s found that the road to freedom is much longer than she first anticipated. She may be free in body, but her mind is still shackled in a terrible way. Not to mention Iago is still hunting her…

Tov, from A Memoir of Love

Tov is a good-hearted guy that tries to aid Clare in dealing with her volcanic, moody emotions. But although he seems to be a wonderful help at first, it quickly becomes obvious that his mere affection is not enough to heal her darkness. He has yet to learn what true love is, and seems determined to learn that lesson the hard way. In the end, both Clare and Tov will have to make a choice. One will end up becoming a traitor, and the other will be the one redeemed by that treachery.

Love and Thomas are the last twisted thread. They are the binding factors that knot it all together. Devoted to each other, and veterans in spiritual matters, they are Hazael’s supportive brother and sister-in-law, and Clare and Tov’s mentors.
From the surface, it would seem that Love and Thomas are the perfect couple. But deep in the heart, affection between the two is being killed by circumstances and old, never-quite-resolved grievances. They see their relationship crumbling, but Love is too “hurt” and Thomas is too “busy” to do much about it. All it would take is one skilled blow to destroy what took over a decade to build…
When the walls fall down around our guarded hearts, the whole world can see what we’ve been hiding deep inside. Both great, nitty-gritty love, and selfish, greedy darkness can exist in the same person. But which of the two forces is stronger? Sometimes it seems that even God doesn’t know the truth until both have sung their tunes to the fullest.

Iago, from A Memoir of Love

I could go on and talk about the subplots, the bad guys, the not-so-bad guys, the guys that steal the show at times. (That’s your chance to cheer, Raven-lovers!)
But I don’t want to spoil the story for you. If you’re still interested, click on the tab up at the top of this blog entitled My Novels.
You won’t be disappointed, and just might walk away challenged and inspired.