Book Review: Core Lies

As a kid, I was trained not to call people after 9:00 at night. I was told that someone in the home you’re calling might be sleeping and that it’s rude. However… when I found this book and started reading it, I only made it to page 14 before I dropped everything and called my mother.
'Mom! Mom! You’ve got to read this book! It’s practically mirroring what we’ve been personally hearing from the Lord this year! It’s awesome!'
So… since I’ve read it twice now this week, I think it’s about time I shared it with some other people…

Core lies is a beautiful, practical booklet about soul wounds and emotional triggers.
“Emotions are not a problem in and of themselves, but they can be indicators of a problem. Emotions can be like smoke signals that warn us there is trouble, so if we pay attention to the “signals” they can be of great service to us in revealing our lies."
And what are “our lies?”
That answer seems to be something different for each person.
“A Core lie is something we believe that resides so deep down inside of us that it has almost become a part of our personality.”
“The lie/lies that are ingrained in our hearts dictate much of our emotions, thought processes, and choices because we have believed them so faithfully.”
“Core lies are deeply rooted beliefs that are not true.”
So what is so bad about these lies? I mean really… what sort of a practical effect does this sort of thing have on my life?
“Core lies block us from loving God and loving others.”
What?! How?!
“Because I had believed this lie, I thought I wasn't good enough for God. So I turned to performance, people pleasing, and perfectionism. I turned to self-reliance and self-righteousness. I tried to justify myself because I didn't deem myself good enough for Grace. I turned to using things like condemnation and shame to keep myself in line. Is it any wonder I couldn't help but parent my children the same way, even though I longed for something better?”
"I think I am not good enough (belief), therefore I must be perfect (goal). In order for me to accomplish perfectionism I have to be controlling (behavior). When I am not in control, I get angry (emotion) when others don't meet my expectations."
“Attached to every lie is an emotion.”
“Anger/Frustration=Blocked Goal
Anxiety/Fear=Uncertain Goal
 Depression=Unattainable Goal “
Does any of this sound familiar? Do you struggle with any of these sorts of emotional triggers in your own life? Core Lies won’t provide you all the answers to your problems, but it can help give you hope and valuable insight. Filled with Scripture references and practical how-to advice, its 40 or so pages can be easily read in one sitting, but its reference capabilities are priceless.

Quotes by Sarah Mae and Arabah Joy: Core Lies. Used with Permission

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