Book Review: Pain Redeemed

I don't usually read many books nowadays, but this week I've picked up a good one.
I keep up with Natasha Metzler at her blog,
Her writing blesses me a lot, so I was thrilled when I discovered that she's written a book, Pain Redeemed.
I read it all in one sitting, it was just that beautiful.
So without further ado, my official review.

“Nothing is quite as painful as watching dreams die.”

Pain Redeemed is a grievously beautiful call of hope. Natasha Metzler reaches deep into her heart and plucks out her deepest hurts for all to see. 
“I believed with all my heart that God, in His love and mercy, had a plan for me. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t long for something different.”
The result is a ravished soul laid bare, and true redemption made known. The author’s specific battle may be with infertility, but she expresses her heart cry in a way that all of us can identify with.  
“There is no strength, no hope in comparing pain. My pain of infertility cannot be compared to my friend’s pain of watching her marriage dissolve. They are different, we are different, but in binding ourselves together we are the same.”
Everyone has a different sort of pain that plagues their life. Natasha doesn’t profess to know all the answers, and she openly admits that she still constantly struggles with her inner pains and griefs. However, she does stretch out a hand of help, and offer hope to those that are struggling.
“Only in emptiness can we be filled. Only in the burning of our dreams can we glimpse the redemption that God offers.”
All quotes by Natasha Metzler: Pain Redeemed. Used with permission.