How To Use A Free E-Reader App

So you want to read an e-book, but you don't have a Kindle or a NOOK or a Sony Reader or... etc.
I don't have any of those either.
Yes, I know that sounds funny. I've published a two e-books of my own, and I don't have an e-reader.
But hey! Those babies are expensive! And I have an easy, free alternative.
Amazon has an e-reader you can use on your PC (Personal Computer) for free. They also have one for your phone, but I don't know anything about that one except that it exists.
This PC e-reader is called the Kindle Cloud Reader. You can find it at

So... maybe you're not tech-savvy. Maybe you still need help figuring that thing out?
Read on for a simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to download and use a FREE e-reader app.

First you click on that link I just provided. The screen that pops up should look like this, minus the creative/tacky red circle. (You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge it.)

Now you click on that link that I have highlighted in the picture. Your screen should look like this.

Click on the highlighted link to start the download of the app to your computer. This screen should pop up.

Depending on your version of Windows, you should be able to see the app downloading. When it is downloaded, it should start installing automatically. If it doesn't start automatically installing, you may have to click on the little tab on the bar at the bottom of your screen to "allow" it to "run".
We're almost finished!
When your app is successfully installed, you should have a new little icon on your desktop. 

This is a shortcut to your Kindle Reading App. The app may automatically come up when you're finished installing it, too. When your Kindle app opens. It looks like this. Except you'll probably have even less books on there. A couple automatically come with the Kindle, so don't freak out when you see them there.

Double click on one of the books you want to read.
(Or go to Amazon and buy A Memoir of Love or A Memoir of Mercy, then come back and double click on its icon so that you can download it and read it.)
When the book opens, it opens to where the narrative starts.

If you want to go back and read the stuff before the narrative: dedication, warnings, forwards, copyright information, etc, You click this sidebar.

if you want to go forward, click the other one. (Or roll your mouse wheel up or down)
Another way you can quickly get where you're wanting to go is by using the contents feature. You click on this button

A menu will pop up.

And you can go where you need to go!
Enjoy your e-book!

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