In Depth: A Memoir of Mercy

What is A Memoir of Mercy about?
A Memoir of Mercy is about a girl.
She thinks that she's a good girl, but really she's not.
Then she thinks that she's a bad girl, but really she's not.
Gradually she discovers who she really is, and the answer shocks everybody, especially her parents...
What else is A Memoir of Mercy about?
A Memoir of Mercy is about a nation.
This nation thinks that it's a sturdy, well-seated nation, but really it's not.
Then the nation thinks that it's falling apart, but really it's not.
Gradually the nation discovers where it really stands, and that through the turmoil, it's only grown stronger.
And that is a beautiful thing.

A Memoir of Mercy, by Jessiqua Wittman

That is the short explanation of a Memoir of Mercy.
Here is a bit more in-depth breakdown of the story.

Mercy is a young woman that lives in Marna, a land on the verge of civil war. Her father was adopted into the Royal Family back before she was born, so she grew up with the native nobility as cousins.
Things have been different lately though. Marna has been a double empire for a quarter of a century, but powerful political factions don't want it to stay that way. King Hazael is doing all he can to keep his people together, but even his own family is slowly, uncontrollably dividing. An iron grip can only hold on so tight and so long, after that it's broken and useless.
Soon it all becomes too much. The entire Royal Family has to flee their homes. The Hadadian monks have offered their underground catacombs as a sanctuary. Hazael accepts their proposal, and moves the entire clan into the caves.
Down there it's dark and dank and lonely, the perfect breeding ground for despair and desperation.
Mercy is happy though. The newly-turned-renegade prince, Naphtali, is finally noticing her. She's been trying to catch his interest for almost a decade now.
The problem is: Naphtali has responsibility, lots of responsibility.
Not only that, but he takes his bouncy, cheerful girlfriend for granted.
Mercy senses this, but doesn't really take it to heart until the Dark Child arrives.
In this one advent, all the troubles the Royal Family had before are amplified five-fold.
Ashes is a man running from responsibility. He's a knight that's scared to death of the dragon he's supposed to be fighting.The scorpion cult that raised him is hunting him, the political parties that want to dethrone Hazael are hunting him, the only people that aren't hunting him are his own family, who didn't even know he existed until he showed up on their doorstep. Sarcastic, strange, and shrewdly smart enough to be frightening, no one likes him much except Mercy.
And that... is a serious problem...

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Naphtali, from A Memoir of Mercy

An Thi, from A Memoir of Mercy

Grandpa (Thomas), from A Memoir of Mercy

Ashes, from A Memoir of Mercy

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