My Journey to Gritty: Memoirs of a Teenage Author

Okay... I admit, I prefer to write blog posts in series. This series isn't going to be one-right-after-the-other though. It's going to be more easy-going and personal. Instead of being all about my novels, it's going to be about my crazy life while I wrote those novels. (You're going to find out how I met and fell for my husband, too. I think our love story is everyone's favorite part.)
So... without further ado... I introduce my newest project.
My Journey to Gritty: Memoirs of a Teenage Author

Here's the list of posts. ((UPDATE: This is a complete list, because the series is finished now!)) 

Rose Petals
Outside My Window
Braided Prayers
HELLP Syndrome
The Shelter
Moving Home
The Woods
A Long Walk
Preparing the Land
Widow Woman
A Roof of Our Own
The Door
Meeting Blackbeard
Chayei Sarah
Glass Wall
The Call
New Impressions
Catching Up
Morbid Test
Growing Closer
Just Ask
Sugar On Top
Mixed Reactions
The Big Event

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