Afterglow: (Memoirs of a Teenage Author)

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If you didn't notice in the storyline, my writing really tapered off when I met Blackbeard. My focus had changed. I had my own adventure to explore. It was like that for pretty much the whole first year after we got married. For a long time, my new husband didn’t even realize that I was writing a book. Then, eleven months after the wedding, we had our first baby, a little boy.
As Grandpa Thomas would say, (paraphrased,) “If you have romance, adventure and drama in your life, you get too frettingly busy to write.”
And man, getting married and having a baby in the same year is definitely an adventure, especially if you add crazy teenage hormones and mood swings into the mix. <-- not fun

A couple months after my little boy was born, I found an old friend’s email address. We started talking again, I wrote out the story of how Blackbeard and I got together and sent it to her. When she finished reading it, she sent me a glowing email in reply. “You have a definite gift with drawing a reader into the story. You ought to write a book! My husband read your email, too, and says the same thing!”
I felt shy when I read her words. My friend is a natural encourager. She’s exuberant about everything!
Gradually, I confessed to her that I had already written a book, it had just been on the backburner lately. She immediately asked to read it. So I sent her the chapters in small chunks so that she could read them over her lunch breaks at work for the next couple weeks. She sent me feedback on almost every chunk of writing, and she read so fast I had to scramble to get everything moved from paper to computer. I had forgotten how much of the manuscript was handwritten instead of typed.
By the time my friend was finished reading through my book, she had me convinced that this was meant for something more. I had always thought that I would just share it with my family, but my friend declared that more people could benefit from it and that I needed to stop hiding my talent.
When I prayed about her words, I felt that they were true. It was time to move on to the next step.
So, I gave the manuscript to my parents to read. Then I found an editor and a publisher. I was very pregnant with my second child when A Memoir of Love was finished. <--Sweet Blackbeard footed the bill.
I thought that was it. I thought that my writing was over.

A couple days before my daughter was born, I was in bed, miserable, when a scene came to me. I saw a tattooed guy and a red-headed girl running into a cave together, going down deep into what looked like ancient catacombs.
By the end of the scene, I realized what had happened to me. I had just started another book. Or rather, I now had the opportunity to start another book.
And I took the opportunity gladly. A Memoir of Mercy was published two years later.
Now I’m pregnant with our third child, and I’m almost finished writing my third book, A Memoir of Hope. I also have a biblical fiction series, Unsung Heroes, in the works.
However, these Memoirs of a Teenage Author have to come to a close now, because I’m not a teenager anymore. I left that stage of life behind somewhere in the flurry of “happenings”. (I never really felt much like a typical teenager anyway.)
I hope you enjoyed this unorthodox peek into the craziness of my past.
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  1. Loved this series! What a cool story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story. God works in beautiful and unique ways. May you (and Blackbeard and your little ones!) continue to be abundantly and richly blessed!

  3. Wow! Your story is so awesome. I loved it and thanks for sharing!