An Interview Pertaining To My Childhood... And a Two-Book GIVEAWAY!!!

Speaking of my teenager-hood... this seems to be the perfect time to address a topic I don't talk about much.
I'm technically a homeschool dropout, if there is such a thing. When Dad lost his job, school was put on hold for me so that I could work with the family on odd jobs to "keep the boat afloat".
I had never stepped foot into a public school before, so I wasn't sure how I measured up educationally with my peers. That didn't matter much to me though. I knew what I needed to live.

Later, after life settled down, I walked into GED classes at a nearby college and took an assessment test. I was pretty nervous at first, and grew more worried with each expression that flitted across the teacher's face as he graded me. I had plenty of confidence in my writing and reading skills. I had already written and published A Memoir of Love by the time I got around to trying out a GED. But I had never taken a class in Algebra, and I didn't know the current state of my math skills.
Finally, the teacher looked up at me and demanded, "Why are you here?!"
My eyebrows went up. I stuttered around a little.
He flashed the paper at me. "You don't need classes. You can cream this test, no problem!"
I couldn't help smiling. My hard-working Momma would be proud.

All that said. I have a surprise for everyone.

Introducing.... *drum roll please*
Another interview about me, this one specifically about my home-schooled childhood.
AND a giveaway of both of my books! (A Memoir of Love and A Memoir of Mercy.)
Feel free to check out both events on Homeschool Authors:
And please, pass the word around to anyone you think might be interested in a free book!


  1. I was home-schooled too. My mother was very unconventional ; she did not follow our state requirements for home-school children, so we had to take the GED too and I did very well on. Question: Are you Jewish? I notice from your writing that you mention Sukkot. My husband and I use to attend a Messianic Jewish Synagogue and we are African American; now that's a story.

  2. We're not Jewish, but we follow a Torah-keeping lifestyle, yes. :)