The Big Event: (Memoirs of a Teenage Author)

(This is post #26 of the My Journey to Gritty: Memoirs of a Teenage Author series)
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On my wedding morning, I woke up in a frenzy of excitement. And, as usual, I had some words with my best friend while slipping out of bed.
“Lord… do you hear the prayers of a bride with more fondness than you do with other people?”
He seemed rather wry as He replied, “Not particularly…”
“Oh… well… I have lots to say anyway.”
I went to my dresser and pulled a couple bags of sepia-colored rose petals out. They smelled musty-sweet. I winsomely sighed as I tucked them away into my bag of wedding things to take.
Suitcases of clothes were already packed and sitting by my door. It was hard to believe that this would be my last morning in my family’s home. Tonight I would be moving in with my new husband… weirdness…

Daddy had bought my bridal bouquet the day before. A handful of white tulips was waiting for me on the counter. Mom was in the kitchen already, looking harried, pulling another dish of food out of the oven.
“Did you finish writing your vows?” she asked.
I held up a piece of pink notebook paper. “Yeah.”
“If you get a chance, sometime could you look through the hope chest and find a certain letter for your dad? He’s gone to Kansas to pick up our family Huppa, and he needs the letter for the ceremony.”
I had always had a special hope that Daddy would do the ceremony for my wedding. He had been ordained as a minister for prison and homeless ministry when we lived up in Kansas, so he could even legally do the paperwork. Hopefully, he would feel well enough to stand for a couple hours during my wedding.

We arrived at the church early to decorate. I mixed Daddy's sepia rose petals with fresh red ones from Blackbeard and placed in a basket for the flower girls to spread down the aisle. Mom strung little white lights along the bottoms of the pew for a soft light effect.
When the guests started arriving, I secluded myself in a tiny back bathroom to get dressed and pray.
I was starting to feel shaky. This was going so fast. I was getting married today?!
Suddenly, there was a knock on the bathroom door. I opened the door, and an old friend popped in. There was hardly enough room for both of us in there as she hugged me and wiped away tears.
“I… didn’t even know you had a boyfriend,” she rasped. “Mom told me this morning.”
“Sorry,” I sniffed. “I thought I’d tell you in person, but this has gone so fast. God had other plans, I guess…”
She hugged me and encouraged me, and then stepped outside. Soon another friend came. She went to church with us, so she had known about the whole deal and was far less emotional. She helped me with technical issues like my dress and head-covering. Her cheery smile was strengthening.
She left, Mom came in.
“How many people are out there?” I nervously asked.
“A lot,” she smiled. “And your dad finally arrived with the Huppa. Do you have everything you need?”
“I’m almost ready.”
She nodded and exited the room. I was now all alone.
The heaviness came back. I leaned on the sink and looked into the tiny mirror. There was a big dumb outbreak of acne on my face… (You can hardly tell in the pictures, a family friend took the photographs and touched them up for us for free. She's a great lady.)
Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice outside my door.
“Jessi? Are you alright in there?” Blackbeard quietly asked.
I fondly pressed my face against the door and whispered, “Yes. What about you?”
“I’m good… I think…”
My smile widened. It was so reassuring to hear him.
He drifted away from the door and talked to a couple guests. I could hear them laughing. Then the music for the wedding suddenly started. My heart started beating so loudly I could hardly hear what was happening out there.
Soon, Dad came to get me. He looked very solemn. I burst into tears and fell into his arms when I saw him.
“I don’t want to leave!” I sobbed. “I’ve had such a good life in your house! I don’t know what this is going to be like! So much is going to change!”
He hugged me tight, and whispered in my ear, “Chazak, daughter. Be strong. You can make it through this.”
I sniffed and nodded, sniffed and nodded again, and pulled myself together. There were tears on my cheeks as we walked down the aisle together, but there was also a smile on my face as I looked at the full house that had come to see my wedding.

Daddy and me
Daddy did the ceremony. Blackbeard and I said our vows under the family Huppa, strung with beautiful, glowing lights. He promised to be a steady husband to me, and I promised to be a cheerful wife to him.
And that, was that. Everyone prayed for us, then they stampeded towards the food-laden reception tables.
I stood there in shock, illuminated by the glow of camera flashes. My wedding was almost over. There in a blink, gone in a blink, it was almost time to go home. And home wasn’t with Momma and Daddy anymore…
Thankfully, I wasn’t scared of that somber thought. When Blackbeard clasped my hand and leaned down low to whisper in my ear, telling me how much he loved me, I felt perfectly safe and secure.
Obeying God and giving this man a chance was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.
Our wedding day was over five years ago now, but I've never regretted marrying him.
My adventure wasn't ending. It was just moving in a new direction.


  1. I love the tulips. And your pearls. And I know you said that your husband is way taller than you but I couldn't quite picture how short you are until now! Ha. :) Love it, Jess. This whole thing. God working and blessing and filling up life with beauty.

    1. Yeah, I'm exactly 5 foot tall. :) I'm so used to looking up to everybody, I forget how tall he is until we go into public and I catch a glimpse of us in a mirror. Or someone laughingly comments on it. <-- often Oh! And I forgot to add the story of the pearls in my story! *disappointed sigh* They were a family heirloom my mother gave me before the wedding. I wear them sometimes when I want to feel extra strength and confidence. Nothing superstitious, they just bring back good memories. :)

    2. Lovely story! :) I echo Natasha about your tulips, pearls, and height. Shorties unite! :)

  2. Masterfully written, this whole tale! I'm sad to see it come to an end...the telling of it, I mean. :O)