The Call: (Memoirs of a Teenage Author)

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Two days after the church came to put in the wood stoves, our house phone rang.
I tore myself away from writing my book and ran to answer it, a little sullen about being disturbed.
Blackbeard’s voice was on the other end.
“Hello? Jessiqua?”
“Can I talk to your mom, please?”
“She’s out shopping. Can I take a message?”
Suddenly, there was a long silence on the other end. I almost thought he had hung up.
Then he confessed, “Well… I was actually going to ask if I could talk to you anyway.”
I felt short on breath. My heart started thumping so loud I could hardly hear.
What could he possibly want to talk to me about?! He had never asked to talk to me before!
“Uh… okay,” I croaked. “What’s up?”
“Bible Geek rode home with me the other day after we finished working on your wood stoves. And he told me that you two were able to sit down and talk for like, fifteen minutes. And I really don’t think that’s fair.” 
“We… didn’t really talk,” I weakly explained, at a loss as to why he sounded so... jealous.
“Well, I was the one busting my butt and working, and... your list of traits or whatever fits me, not him, right?” he prodded.
{insert my thoughts: “Oh… LORD! WHAT HAS MOM BEEN TELLING HIM?!”}
Thankfully, Blackbeard didn’t wait for my response before continuing, “I know the age difference is awkward, but after we’ve been together a while it won’t be such a big deal. And there’s the whole Issac and Rebekah thing that we were talking about at church last week. That seemed to be perfect timing.”
That’s about when my raging thoughts tuned out his words. I was in shock.
Was Blackbeard saying… that he had feelings for me?! He had never shown them before! And now he was acting as if they were as plain as day!
He thought that Mom had told me about the content of their recent conversations. He thought that I was aware of the fact that all those times he had called lately, he and my parents had been talking about ME.
The rest of the conversation was a blur. I mostly mumbled and non-committedly grunted until he asked the big question. “So… do you think that I could come over? So we can talk face-to-face?”
It was really cold in the dining room, but the phone was corded. All I could do was shiver and hop from foot to foot as I considered his question.
I’d never had a guy come over just to talk to me before. That sounded almost like starting a courtship. What if I got my heart attached, then broken? That would be awful! I’d never recover, right?!
“Let me… talk to Dad about it,” I finally said.
“Okay. Call me back.”
“K. Bye.”
I speedily hung up the phone and breathed in and out a deep breath.
My mind was swirling with information.
When I said, "Make it quick, God." I didn't expect it to be that quick!

Dad was in bed. I went and explained what had happened to him. He looked at me with mournful eyes.
“Do you want me to run him off, sweetheart?” he asked, (loathing the idea of losing his baby girl.)
 I hesitated, but then remembered the Lord’s guidance to “give him a chance”.
“No. I’ll give him a chance," I replied.

A couple minutes later, I was talking to Blackbeard on the phone again.
“Daddy said it’s okay for you to come over,” I informed him.
“What about you?” he prodded. “Do you want me to come over? I don’t want to come unless you want me to come.”
I blushed. My face felt hot at the idea of him thinking that I might like him.
“Whatever,” I flippantly said.
There was a pause on the other end of the line.
“Well… okay. I’ll see you in a little bit then,” he replied before hanging up.
As soon as I hung up the phone, the Lord snatched me up and scolded me.
“You hurt his feelings! You need to apologize as soon as he gets here!”
Okay... Okay...

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