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by Jessiqua WittmanTen years ago now, I started writing down the story that was winding through my head. I filled entire notebooks with cramped, almost illegible handwriting, then I started filling entire binders.
By the time I typed up all that material and published it, seven years had passed, and I had a 1,000 page book with my name on it. 
A Memoir of Love. 
By Jessiqua Wittman.

by Jessiqua Wittman
I was finally an author.

That same year, I started working on the sequel to that story: A Memoir of Mercy.
In 2013 I published it, too. 
So now I'm working on book #3 in the series: A Memoir of Hope.
I'm also writing a biblical fiction series entitled, Unsung Heroes.

You could say I'm hooked on this "author" thing. 
But even more so I'm hooked on writing.

That's what this blog is for. It's a creative outlet for my "other writing". I love writing books, but I also love writing about my books, along with self-help advice and other articles.
So... feel free to browse around this site and check out my work.
And may you experience many blessings on your journey!

P.S. I also write for KindredGrace.com and IntimateTruths.com from time to time.

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